Klover Cloud
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Revamp Cloud with Zero Trust Security on K8.

Designed to be highly available, fast and developer friendly.

Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) ensures isolation, security and protection of computing resources and applications from other cloud users. Choose your desired region and create your VPC easily through KloverCloud console.

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Virtual Private Service

Create new application or On-board existing application with just few clicks of buttons. Customize your application resources and scale on demand with auto-scaling feature.

Create new application on-board

Cloud native CI/CD pipeline enables faster build and deployment. Helps developers to focus on business problem instead of managing operation. Easy customization and powerful UI features accelerate seamless cloud journey.


Zero Trust Security model prevents unauthorized access and protect your resources from hackers. Cloud infrastructure is fully hidden and secured with hard multi-tenancy on Kubernetes. You can perform certain actions to your resources only through secured KloverCloud Platform.

Automated TLS certificate available free of cost through Let’s encrypt for endpoints exposed to Internet.
Zero trust

KloverCloud Container Registry gives you easy and secured access to your build images. This ensures smooth build and deployment through CI/CD pipeline.

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container image

Spin up a new Database or Cache Cluster within few minutes from the console. Currently supports MySQL and PostgreSQL for database, Redis for in-memory cache. Web based client is provided to access databases in a secured way


S3 compatible KloverCloud object storage to store and retrieve data in scale from anywhere in the world. This fast and inexpensive data storage can be used for any purpose including BigData and Machine Learning.

S3 compatible

Marketplace enables users to run scalable Wordpress app or get their own Email Server within minutes.


Find all of your application metrics and logs aggregated and presented to you with meaningful insight and outstanding visualization. Custom queries and filters available to refine data based on your need.


Provides highly available and scalable DNS service integrated fully with KloverCloud console.

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