Klover Cloud
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Secured, Elastic and Self-service Cloud Platform

KloverCloud democratize Kubernetes by providing developers an integrated cloud platform to build, deploy and monitor applications. We handle all your operational headache, so developers can focus on solving business problems.

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Microservice Ready Platform
Automated CI/CD Pipeline
Scalable Database and Cache Cluster
Container Registry
Object Storage (S3 compatible)
DNS Management
High Availability
CMS Hosting
Centralized Logging and Monitoring
Zero Trust Security
Enterprise Solution
24x7 support

Cost effective cloud platform with all cutting edge technologies to help your applications scale.

Use computing resources wisely with built-in container deployment support.
Faster time-to-market with your feature getting deployed in minutes.
Use computing resources wisely with built-in container deployment support.
Cost effective

Integrated Continuous Delivery with your choice of code repository. Build and Deployment have never been this simple

Customizable, powerful and automated CI/CD pipeline.
Free access to Secured KloverCloud Container Registry along with support for DockerHub integration
Blue-green, Canary and Rolling Deployment Strategies ensure Zero Downtime
Rollback with just click of a button
Super easy Auto Scaling setup.

Aggregate metrics and logs for your applications across multiple regions and VPCs. Provide meaningful insight with outstanding visualization.

Automatically collect metrics and logs from all your services, applications and databases
Query Generator to search logs for troubleshooting
Seamless navigation between logs and metrics

Zero Trust Security Architecture with Hard Multi-Tenancy on Kubernetes. Ensuring robust security for all users is one of our main focus.

Automated SSL/TLS certificate for each web app and services exposed to Internet.
Easy to enable VPC to VPC communication link.
Secret management for Applications and Services
Role Based Access Control
Zero trust