Klover Cloud

Why KloverCloud

IT industry is moving towards cloud native platform by adapting Kubernetes, an open-source system for managing containerized applications. However, building a solution with Kubernetes needs skilled set of people, time and money. These are the reasons why many companies cannot move to Kubernetes even if they want. This is where KloverCloud comes to rescue.

KloverCloud democratizes Kubernetes and provides an integrated cloud native platform to build, deploy and monitor applications.
Offers cost effective public cloud services and also enterprise solutions to optimize IT costs for large organizations.
Ensures faster time to market by providing KloverCloud Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
Enables robust security and data integrity through adapting Zero Trust Security architecture and hard multi-tenancy on Kubernetes.
Auto-aggregate Metrics and Logs for applications and real time monitor through KloverCloud Console.
Improves resiliency, availability and scalability of your applications.
Easy cloud migration for your monolithic applications or micro-services or both type running together.

You should be using KloverCloud, if

You are spending more time and money on operations and managing infrastructure other than writing codes to solve business problem.
You want Site Reliability included with your services.
You are looking for Zero Trust Security.
You are worried about downtime during deployment of a new version.
You want above 99% availability and resiliency to your services.
You want to monitor your application metrics and want to get alert when any production issue happens.
You want to query logs to look for anomaly.
You want easy migration to cloud.
You are looking for automated CI/CD pipeline.
You want to use Kubernetes but still a long way to go.
You want to use scalable cloud services without spending a lot.